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Digi Dive

For people who thrive amid creative energy and love challenges, TechnorayX is the place to be. TechnorayX provides IT & IT Enabled Services to businesses. This includes complete design services, animation, web solutions, content management systems, smartphone applications, and ERP solutions.

For companies looking for that extra oomph in their work, we provide them with exactly what they need, the best start, and continued loyal support.

Our work spans a wide range of fields, with clients from the UAE, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. TechnorayX understands that great work is the key to success because exceptional results do not occur by chance.

Brand design:

Branding is a valuable asset to any business. Whether you’re a start-up or have a long-established company, positioning yourself correctly will result well for your business. TechnorayX has a team who puts in extra effort in thorough research about your industry to align your business in a competitive market.

Website Design & Development

As new online technologies emerge, it is not only important to stay updated but also to understand when, where and how technologies can be used for a better user experience. At TechnorayX we ensure that your website is upto date and meets industry standards business.

Digital Marketing :

Digital marketing is in constant flux and buyer behavior changes almost on daily basis. So we use a unique Digital Marketing Methodology to deliver results at a rapid pace that keeps our clients way ahead of their competitors. Leveraging the power of Social Media platform which enables your business to reach right target market.

2D Animations

At TechnorayX we believe that it is important to change the way of branding yourself. We create videos that boost up your brand story and motivate your audience, influencing them to buy your product or service. We bring you videos that are high in quality at light on your pockets, increasing your sales and conversions.

Mobile App Design & Development

Time is dynamic and so is the technology and it is important to understand the needs of your customers and give them solutions at their fingertips. TechnorayX has a team with passion and experience that equips you with imaginative and versatile solutions for iOS and Android platforms.
Brands -

Sahl Tech

Sahl Tech is working on disrupting the Real-Estate industry with innovative ideas and new technologies to empower old-fashioned Real-Estate dynamics.
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