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According to research, 20% of new firms fail during the first year of operation. The enterprises that do make it through the first year struggle to stay viable, and 65% fail within 10 years. Poor marketing was one of the key causes mentioned. It might be difficult for small firms to properly market brands due to the lack of resources.

Blogging is a highly efficient marketing tactic. Therefore, given the benefits of blogging for promotion, I would answer yes if you’re unsure if your small business should have a blog. There are presently 5 billion people using the internet, and 60% of those people said they read blogs often, which indicates a sizable potential audience for blogging.

 “You can buy attention (advertising). You can beg for attention from the media (PR). You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales). Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free.” David Meerman Scott

How Might Blogging Benefit Your Company?

Blogging has several advantages that your business may make use of, such as:

  • Create lasting relationships with your customers:

Maintaining consumer loyalty has become quite challenging due to the daily emergence of new enterprises. However, you may keep your visitors interested and create lasting relationships with them by writing blog entries about your company and its goods that are of a high caliber. You may engage with readers of your blog by replying to their comments and queries. Over time, this will assist you in winning your audience’s trust.

  • Thought leadership:

When faced with a problem, people frequently search online for answers. Spend attention on SEO to ensure that your company appears in the search results. By imparting your wisdom and expertise, you may establish yourself as the go-to source for information.

  • Making a lead:

It is important since blogging is a fantastic method to drive visitors to your website. To create a niche for yourself, make sure you conduct a study on your intended audience to comprehend their wants. Utilizing content with an SEO focus may drive visitors to your website and perhaps result in sales leads for your company.

For your company, creating a new blog could seem like a daunting process. So, here are some pointers to assist you in starting a profitable blog:

  1. Provide Benefit

Wanting to learn something new is one of the primary reasons people read blogs. How-to articles, tutorials, and advice are extremely popular and may drive a ton of traffic to your blog. For instance, Nepal Hiking Team provides a thorough blog that gives information on everything you need to know about Nepal, from activities and local cuisine to transportation and gift ideas. They are an invaluable resource for anybody researching Nepal or preparing to travel there.

  1. Permit visitor posting

People like talking about their thoughts and experiences. They may engage with you and other readers while doing that if you let them post as guests on your site. Guest postings are also excellent for revealing your readers’ identities and areas of interest. Hackernoon, a website where anybody can share and publish tech-related content, is an excellent example.

  1. Make it interactive and comment-friendly.

A blog receives more attention than one that does not permit comments and/or inquiries from readers on relevant subjects. Make a platform that is simple to use so that visitors may submit comments and ask inquiries. It’s crucial to make your blog interactive if you want to develop strong customer service and a deeper understanding of your audience, both of which might lead to more sales leads in the future.

  1. Observe and evaluate the traffic to your blog.

A lot of readers like blog postings that are educational, interesting, and impart new knowledge. Tracking your blog traffic can help you figure out which of your pieces are doing the best and what your visitors are interested in. You may take advantage of that to increase traffic and leads for your company.

  1. Amass outside links to your blog

A web of networks really makes up the term “web.” You may significantly improve your Google ranking and get more traffic to your website by snagging external connections from other websites for your blog. For this, take into account starting a press release campaign or posting as a guest on other, more reliable websites.

Blogging may be a highly successful marketing strategy for your small business with dedication, ingenuity, and work. If done well, blogging may be a low-cost marketing tactic that yields significant rewards.